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« Mama Sara », a heart beat away from her victims

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Sara Shuhail is in charge of EWA’A, a public initiative to protect and shelter women victims of sexual abuse and human trafficking. A former Headmistress, she hold back her tears and put all her energy into rescuing the victims, chasing the traffickers...

A Lady Who Made a Difference

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RAFIA GHUBASH dedicated all her time and her savings to open the first museum devoted to women in the region. A tribute to the strong and powerful ladies who always worked in front or behind. If the highest tower in the world was raised here, it did not...

Hoor Al-Qasimi, a Sheikha engaged with her public

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Master in the art of opening boundaries SHEIKHA HOOR AL-QASIMI is the Director of the Sharjah Biennal. She made it the leading exhibition of contemporary art of the region in a city which has become one of the cultural capital of the Arab world. She tells...