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A court robe on top of the abaya

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At 31 only, Ebtessam Al Badwawi is one the three first female judges of Dubai. She explains how it was such a responsibility to set an example for the next generation of female judges. She says how proud she is to be citizen of a country which developped...

« Islam has granted women rights for 1100 years »

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MARYAM SULTAN LOOTAH, a political science teacher at UAE university in Al Ain, walked in the steps of first female teacher in the field, Nasrin Murad, who paved the way in 1982. She came a long way from the days when « it was either teach or heal » for...

« We don’t want to intimidate the male generation »

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AMEERA BINKARAM has chaired the Sharjah Women Business Council (SWBC) since 2009. She explains the dynamics of women in business over the past decades and pinpoints the starts of their golden age in 2006. She describes how they became organically empowered,...